Wedding & Event Packages


                      We offer several packages to choose from ....but if you need a more customized package to fit your specific event we are   

                       happy   to customize any of our packages....just ask us to discuss this with you!

The  INITIAL CONSULT & QUESTIONS PACKAGE  - Phone consultation -  45 min.  $65.00

The   CONSULTATION  PACKAGE, is for the Bride who has no idea on how to get started......... up to 2 hrs.  $200.00  ($65.00 for ea. hr. after min.)

The  DAY OF COORDINATION  PACKAGE  -  this is our most popular choice and  actually includes 4 weeks prior to the event coordinating with Vendors and the Couple...   starts at   $950.00 - $2,000  depending on services needed.

The    PARTIAL PLANNING PACKAGE   -   very popular with the couple who has done some of the legwork and needs someone to follow through

with the rest of the planning process.    Starts  $ 1,550 - 2,400

The   FULL PLANNING PACKAGE -    thought after by couples who really do not want too or have the time to plan their event..and want to leave it up to a Planner to deal with Venue, Catering, Design etc.   $2,400 and up

Prices are tailored to each event and the amount of services needed or requested by the client... Initial consultation is free if you end up booking.
Rentals ....from our company are priced separate and are not included in the above prices

We are currently updating this page and will have detailed services and prices listed....... In the meantime you can contact us by email for our packages and prices and we would be happy to discuss with you or send you the information,   thank you for your patience!

Email:   Call: (541)  336-2015